A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Retro top-down 2d shooter in a sci-fi setting with adventure elements made in Godot, currently more a tech demo and sandbox for me to see where this is going. My plan is to tell a story, interspersed with adrenalin-laden action  and semi-realistic weapon physics, drenched in atmosphere. Graphics will stay simple and serviceable as I’m focussing what I can do better, which is sound :)


Escape: Exit

When in Action mode

  • Mouse: Rotation
  • Left mouse button: Fire
  • Middle mouse button or Tab: Change Action mode/Mouse mode
  • WASD: Move
  • Q: Holster/unholster weapon
  • R/F, Mousewheel, or 1-6: Change weapon

When in Mouse mode

  • Left mouse button: Interact/Take
  • Right mouse button: Examine
  • Middle mouse button or Tab: Change Action mode/Mouse mode


the-envoy-linux-techdemo.zip 59 MB
Version 1 Jun 02, 2021
the-envoy-win-techdemo.zip 59 MB
Version 1 Jun 02, 2021

Development log


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Hey, its pretty solid demo, try playing with shadow, it could be cool with that setting!

I'm waiting for updates :D

Thanks, glad you liked it! ;) Do you mean a fog of war like shadow or shadows as older games like Nox (if you ever played that one) applied them?

More like the fov for the player:P

These "flashlight arena" from early metal gear solid games, it would be nice if the "alien" you shone your flashlight on would jump on you (or some reversed weeping angels from doctor who)

fog of war would be genius for exploring one :D